Private Pumper Advisory Committee


On January 1, 2015 a historic groundwater legislation went into effect in California. This legislation, known as the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA), affects every well owner in the State. Under the law, Counties are presumed to represent private pumper areas when such areas are not represented by some other eligible Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA) (e.g. Water Districts, Irrigation Districts, Cities, etc.). If the County chooses to opt out of these responsibilities, the State Water Resources Control Board will take over management of these areas, at a greater cost to landowners.

Colusa County is committed to represent these private pumper areas and the County has formed a Private Pumper Advisory Committee (PPAC) to ensure that individual landowners and well owners have a voice in this process.The central purpose of the PPAC is to advise the County on how to effectively represent private pumpers in SGMA implementation, given the diversity of groundwater conditions across the county.

The PPAC plays two key roles in local SGMA groundwater planning:

  • PPAC acts as a liaison between private pumpers and the County by communicating the needs of private pumpers to the County.

  • PPAC members are tasked with sharing current SGMA-related information with their neighbors. Maintaining open, two-way communication will provide private pumpers throughout the county the opportunity to be represented and informed on county-wide groundwater planning activities.

How you can stay involved and informed on what is going on with PPAC:

  • Attend local groundwater meetings.

                The following regular meetings are open to the public:

                1. Groundwater Commission

                2. GSA Workgroup

                3. Private Pumper Advisory Committee Meeting

  • Information, agendas and presentations can be found on the Colusa County Water Resources   Website. Stakeholders are encouraged to attend these meetings.

  • Visit the Colusa County Water Resources Website:, under Departments > Agricultural Administrative Services > Water Resources

  • Visit the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) SGMA Website:

  • Get on the Colusa County Water Resources email list to receive meeting announcements and current news: email or call: 530.458.7709