What is Farm Bureau? 

  • A grassroots organization

  • The voice of reason for farmers and ranchers at the local, State and federal levels.

  • Protecting the rights of farming and ranching families

  • Sharing the message of Colusa County and California agriculture

  • Enhancing the public perception of California agriculture.

  • Creating connections beteween the farmers and consumers 

A thought from our Executive Manager:

When thinking about the importance of Farm Bureau throughout my tenure I came up with a couple recurring themes--surprise and education.


I am continually surprised by the passion and intensity of this organization in regards to a “unified voice” for agriculture and the processes that are available to every member to be heard. All are not always happy with compromise. We are a democracy. We are grassroots. Every member can be heard and issues discussed. In the end, the majority rules and at that point we remain united.  This is true at the county level, at the state level and remains true when we were together at the CFBF Annual Meeting each year in December.


I am always impressed with the representatives from this organization. They are educated about the issues. They are not afraid to stand up and debate their point in an auditorium filled with their peers. They are succinct, passionate and personal in their reports. If you don’t agree on the issue you must agree with the process used to obtain the outcome.


Education is key at Farm Bureau. No one can keep up with all of the issues for all the commodities. Farm Bureau gives you information. Farm Bureau gives you talking points on a range of issues so that intelligent discussion can exist between members and the public. Knowledge is key.


Ag Education is a personal passion for me. I believe in the very basics of agriculture and in showing our community the importance of it in their daily lives. I think that Ag Education in the classrooms is crucial. School gardens, nutrition, healthy cooking are important to help students learn what farmers do!


The next generation needs to know where their food comes from and why it is bountiful and safe for them—this is true for the rest of our community also. Everyone should understand how agriculture plays a huge part in their life nutritionally and economically. 


An important committee of the Farm Bureau is the Young Farmers & Ranchers who are reaching out to the younger adults involved in the farming lifestyle.


The list goes on. Farm Bureau gives opportunities to make our communities and farmers excel in promoting agriculture. 


Melodie Johnson